Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rugi. atau Bersyukur. Question Mark.

korang mesti penah dengar The Star BRATs Camp,kan?
the bright,young journalist camp.
well..i sent them an entry, and i got accepted in.
But too bad, i didn't go for it.
Sebab camp tu time bulan puasa, and it is soo sad, I can't join them.
and just now, when i check my emails, ade bnyk pulak emails dari dak2 yg join BRATs camp. and all of em is mostly chinese. ade la 1 2 org yg malays.
n i check their camp photos.
Yeah..i think it's a good think that i didn't tag along with them.
but..too bad. It's a sad thing.. all the experience get wasted.
Tapi..bak kata mak,

"Try lagi next time. Mana taw ada peluang lagi. And who knows..something good might come up."

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