Friday, December 25, 2009


Berkata2 dengan penuh semangat...

Tomorrow , Lendu . Tomorrow .

I'll be there tomorrow !

MMS Week = Hope it will be a Blast!

In reality world...

STAT PACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Offline .

Monday, December 21, 2009

Counting down till Sunday .

This sunday will be the beginning of the new journey in my life , as a future Masscommer .
am I excited ?
Absolutely .
Nervous ?
Worse than ever .

The things that I'm nervous about is , am I going to do well there ? Can I do well ?
Will I change to someone else ?


Okay , the truth is .......
I'm not sure if Im fully prepared !
I mean...all the stuff....

all the forms has been completed , but there are a few things that I need to settle down , just a little bit more .
We're going to IKEA tomorrow to buy some stuff.....and I need to get the 'pengesahan' for mom's cukai pendapatan stuff....
wait...what day is today..????

We still have 6 more days to Sunday . Okay , Optimistic , Aziza , think POSITIVE .

Here's the plan :

Tomorrow ,
1) Go to school for the pengesahan stuff
2) Off to IKEA

If I can't make it to school tomorrow..then we have to move it to Wed

Wednesday :
1) Backup plan , Go to school .
2) Gosok baju2 yg perlu dibawa .
3) Kemaskini, sekaligus settlekan borang2 smue .
4) If ade mase....Go to Jusco and buy the other stuff that I need .

Thursday ,
1) Starting packing .
2) Polish my shoes

1) Continue with packing all the clothes

1) IMPORTANT : Checks everything , make sure everything is perfect , and in order . And re-check again , and again , and again ...........until I'm satisfied .

Do I have enough time to make sure everything is perfect , and ready ??
Of Course!!!

Ya Allah , do give me the strength to make sure everything will be perfectly fine , and hopefully things will go smoothly until I'm official registered as a UITM student .

InsyaAllah ,
Amin ~

Mood : Nervy-B

Friday, December 11, 2009

Advice please..?

It has been about a week since I last sms 'Edward' . Since I 'attacked' him .
Should I sms him ? Should I not ?


why do I have to start first ?
I keep waiting for him to sms me first , but Its like , waiting for the trees to walk and dance .
Its a 'miracle' if he text me 1st .
urgh .
Why does men have to be soooooo EGO .
His ego is like , as high as the Mount Everest , as deep as the blue ocean .

And they said women is complicated . SERIOUSLY .

a week passed by without a sms from him, or to him , I feel like....
I can start to move on with my life .
Without him .
I already moved on .
Why is it soo fast ?
Why did I gave up soo fast ?
Its not that I gave up for nothing...
I tried everything,but it just didn't work .
I'll let him go.
If he's meant to be mine , he will be mine , its just the matter of tyme .
I know , I believe that....Allah knows whats best for us ,
for me .


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My version of Twilight !

I fell in love with this guy,lets just call him Edward .
He's tall,good looking,nice,sengal a bit,islamic and all the good qualities that u can think of.
He knew that I like him,a lot .
But,somehow,I don't what got into me,I "attacked" by asking , am I bertepuk sebelah tgn??
But his answer is..I dunno how to say this . It can be Yes,or It can be NO.Its not a straight cut clear answer . But wateva .
And then , there's Jacob,the good friend.
A close friend,a sweet friend,a very good looking one too.
He doesn't know that I like Edward .
Oh, my version of Twilight , Edward and Jacob is no where near enemy . They were , in fact , very closed friend.


I'm very close with Jacob , we text everyday .
And I felt something with Jacob .
But , if somebody ask me to choose between Edward n Jacob , it will always be Edward . Bcuz the qualities in Edward , is really hard to find in other guys .
But mayb Edward only thought of me as a friend . (Like Bella said , "I'm not good enough for you.")
However , there's one thing that I'm not really sure about .
Does Jacob knew bout my feeling towards Edward..??
I felt like I'm lying to him .
I am lying to him .
So..what do I do know..??
I don't wanna fall in the Valley-of-Love , at least not now .

I just can't wait to start studying,n get bz again . I wanna take Edward and Jacob out of my mind,for now at least .

Moral Of My Story : Love somebody that loves you back .




baru dah tersedar dah berzaman2 x update blog .
I've been busy.(Kononnye la..hehe)

New Updates bout Me :
* Dah bla dari KMK!!
*Bcuz..dpt offer uitm . Course : Mass Communication!!!Yippppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to start studying again , esp in this course . The course that I've been babbling about since I was like , 14een!!

To my "Seniors-hanya-sekadar-1-sem" , thats rite : Fatin , Adie n Illy aka Angah , try to bully me if u can.
plz don't.I love u guyssss bagai orgg gilakkkk!!!

as for my frens kat KMK...goshhhhhhhhhh......I missed you guyssss like crazy peanut butter and jelly , toaST..(k..da stat merapu).But yeah,I L.O.V.E. you guysss!!!
Suci Gurls...
"Edward & Jacob" (ehem2...)
Cgu2...of course.

At the moment :
me tgh syok2 goyang kaki di rumah . Bowsan . I wanna gooo shopppiiingggggggggggggggggg!!!
its YES people , YES!!!(Year-End-Sale) . But no money . So..keep on dreaming Aziza .
Will be going to UITM Lendu this 27th !