Friday, December 25, 2009


Berkata2 dengan penuh semangat...

Tomorrow , Lendu . Tomorrow .

I'll be there tomorrow !

MMS Week = Hope it will be a Blast!

In reality world...

STAT PACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Offline .

Monday, December 21, 2009

Counting down till Sunday .

This sunday will be the beginning of the new journey in my life , as a future Masscommer .
am I excited ?
Absolutely .
Nervous ?
Worse than ever .

The things that I'm nervous about is , am I going to do well there ? Can I do well ?
Will I change to someone else ?


Okay , the truth is .......
I'm not sure if Im fully prepared !
I mean...all the stuff....

all the forms has been completed , but there are a few things that I need to settle down , just a little bit more .
We're going to IKEA tomorrow to buy some stuff.....and I need to get the 'pengesahan' for mom's cukai pendapatan stuff....
wait...what day is today..????

We still have 6 more days to Sunday . Okay , Optimistic , Aziza , think POSITIVE .

Here's the plan :

Tomorrow ,
1) Go to school for the pengesahan stuff
2) Off to IKEA

If I can't make it to school tomorrow..then we have to move it to Wed

Wednesday :
1) Backup plan , Go to school .
2) Gosok baju2 yg perlu dibawa .
3) Kemaskini, sekaligus settlekan borang2 smue .
4) If ade mase....Go to Jusco and buy the other stuff that I need .

Thursday ,
1) Starting packing .
2) Polish my shoes

1) Continue with packing all the clothes

1) IMPORTANT : Checks everything , make sure everything is perfect , and in order . And re-check again , and again , and again ...........until I'm satisfied .

Do I have enough time to make sure everything is perfect , and ready ??
Of Course!!!

Ya Allah , do give me the strength to make sure everything will be perfectly fine , and hopefully things will go smoothly until I'm official registered as a UITM student .

InsyaAllah ,
Amin ~

Mood : Nervy-B

Friday, December 11, 2009

Advice please..?

It has been about a week since I last sms 'Edward' . Since I 'attacked' him .
Should I sms him ? Should I not ?


why do I have to start first ?
I keep waiting for him to sms me first , but Its like , waiting for the trees to walk and dance .
Its a 'miracle' if he text me 1st .
urgh .
Why does men have to be soooooo EGO .
His ego is like , as high as the Mount Everest , as deep as the blue ocean .

And they said women is complicated . SERIOUSLY .

a week passed by without a sms from him, or to him , I feel like....
I can start to move on with my life .
Without him .
I already moved on .
Why is it soo fast ?
Why did I gave up soo fast ?
Its not that I gave up for nothing...
I tried everything,but it just didn't work .
I'll let him go.
If he's meant to be mine , he will be mine , its just the matter of tyme .
I know , I believe that....Allah knows whats best for us ,
for me .


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My version of Twilight !

I fell in love with this guy,lets just call him Edward .
He's tall,good looking,nice,sengal a bit,islamic and all the good qualities that u can think of.
He knew that I like him,a lot .
But,somehow,I don't what got into me,I "attacked" by asking , am I bertepuk sebelah tgn??
But his answer is..I dunno how to say this . It can be Yes,or It can be NO.Its not a straight cut clear answer . But wateva .
And then , there's Jacob,the good friend.
A close friend,a sweet friend,a very good looking one too.
He doesn't know that I like Edward .
Oh, my version of Twilight , Edward and Jacob is no where near enemy . They were , in fact , very closed friend.


I'm very close with Jacob , we text everyday .
And I felt something with Jacob .
But , if somebody ask me to choose between Edward n Jacob , it will always be Edward . Bcuz the qualities in Edward , is really hard to find in other guys .
But mayb Edward only thought of me as a friend . (Like Bella said , "I'm not good enough for you.")
However , there's one thing that I'm not really sure about .
Does Jacob knew bout my feeling towards Edward..??
I felt like I'm lying to him .
I am lying to him .
So..what do I do know..??
I don't wanna fall in the Valley-of-Love , at least not now .

I just can't wait to start studying,n get bz again . I wanna take Edward and Jacob out of my mind,for now at least .

Moral Of My Story : Love somebody that loves you back .




baru dah tersedar dah berzaman2 x update blog .
I've been busy.(Kononnye la..hehe)

New Updates bout Me :
* Dah bla dari KMK!!
*Bcuz..dpt offer uitm . Course : Mass Communication!!!Yippppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to start studying again , esp in this course . The course that I've been babbling about since I was like , 14een!!

To my "Seniors-hanya-sekadar-1-sem" , thats rite : Fatin , Adie n Illy aka Angah , try to bully me if u can.
plz don't.I love u guyssss bagai orgg gilakkkk!!!

as for my frens kat KMK...goshhhhhhhhhh......I missed you guyssss like crazy peanut butter and jelly , toaST..(k..da stat merapu).But yeah,I L.O.V.E. you guysss!!!
Suci Gurls...
"Edward & Jacob" (ehem2...)
Cgu2...of course.

At the moment :
me tgh syok2 goyang kaki di rumah . Bowsan . I wanna gooo shopppiiingggggggggggggggggg!!!
its YES people , YES!!!(Year-End-Sale) . But no money . So..keep on dreaming Aziza .
Will be going to UITM Lendu this 27th !


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sem 2 is comiinngggg

its been a while,huh....

i'll be continuing my studies at FIST UNIKL for the 2nd sem.
sabtu dah kene balik kulim
(x ske x ske xske)
but wattodo...

cuti seems soooooo kejap.

but anyway....
thk god dpt laa jugak duk ngan family lame2...hehe...
but da stat ready dorm-mates n all the friends da ni.
cannot wait to c them!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Just Don't Know Her Anymore

We're not like what we're used to be.

I've changed .
So does she.
and him too.

Friends forever?
we'll c about that .

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pertunangan Kak Dilla & Abg Johan

Dunno wat to write,wat to brag about..n my writing skill pon dah mula berkarat .
Anywhere ...
Raya ke-5 aritu our beloved Kak Dilla(akak sedare)bertunang to a lucky man named Johan . ^_^
Theme,punye laa penat aku dok sebar2 kan kat kazen2 yg laen suh pkai pink,tapi ramai plak yg pkai Hijau(cehhhh..kongasam glerr aa).
Kak Dilla looked veryyy beautiful,n Abg Johan & casual.
While we(kazen2 yg laen)pon chumel2 gak.
Here's some of the photos that we managed to capture .

Lady of The Day ~ Kak Dilla

Kenangan Bersama Aunty2

Pilot wannabe ~ Hafizzudin

~Endless Moment ~
Cik Aton , Acik Ghafur , Atok , Acu , Ayalong , Uncle Alim , Acik Jalil , Uncle Aim , n Emak (bj coklat)

Gadis2 yg Terlebeyh Ayu,hehe. Aima & Me

Anak Sedareku yg chumel , Adam Hakim n Kak Long

Kenangan Bersama Kak Dilla
Ija(bj biru),Kak Dilla,Fatimah,Wieyah,Mubarak(terselit kat tepi tu),
Fiza,Me,Ecah,Aima,Fataya n Iman(tudung coklat)



Twins...Aini & Zakiah. Or...Zakiah n Aini.
x cam seyhhh...

PS : Maap.
xde gambar Abg Johan laaa...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raya Pics!

Maleh nak tulis..tgk je laa pics2 nieh.

~a day b4 raya~

~Kazens smue kelihatan gembira~ ^_^

~so do Abg n Iman~

~1st day of Raya.Celebrate ngan kazen2 belah Abah. ^_^ ~

~Bibah n Kila yg sakan bergaya n berposing~

Manakala disebelah emak pula....

~Safiah,ecehwahh..flying kiss 4 u!~

~menunggu bbq nak stat~

~Ija,Iman,Abg,Barak n Along~

~Atok tgh pk ape tu tok??~

~Along watpe tuh??Me nyebok kat belakang~ ^_^

~Emy cun~

~Wieyah,Iman,Atim n Hammy~

~Acik Jalil n E-Jang(Ejat). BBQ time!~

~Acik Alim,Me n Aima..kekenyangan. :p ~

~Adek2 sedare ku yg sgt chumelll!!!! Barak n Aiman ~

dah laa....
ponat dah.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Balik Kamponngggg!!

Puase dah nak abes..
Raya pula menjelang.

saya,Aziza KZM ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kpd family tercinta,rakan2 di seluruh malaysia & kepada semua warga follower blog gue,hehehe.
Ku susun 10 jari tangan n 10 jari kaki(which sums up to 20.haha..wth?)mohon maaf di atas segala kesilapan samada x sengaje atau mmg disengaja kan.
Kepada mereka yg drive balik kmpg,TOLONG laa drive elok2,(this msg goes to my dear brother.hehe)

Kepada rakan2 yg dirindui..
jempot2 laa dtg umahh...

going back to Muar mlm nie.
Baju still x abes packing..
cannot wait to c Atok Boy!
till then..


Lurve , Aziza Kzm (Gee Ja)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Home Sweet Home!
Juz got back from Kulim.
Pretty darn tired,seriously.
Tido 2 jam ajer semalam pastu,pastu bgn pagi plak kene jawab exam phy,('syok' abes.)
Da aa kpale mcm nak meletup tyme jawab tue,idung plak stat selsema,rase mcm nak cabot-cabot jer idung niehhh!
Pastu rase nak demam plakkk...
Tgh sedap2 tonyoh idung dlm dewan pekse,budak kat depan tue da pndg semacam,siap bg jelingan 'maut' agi tue..

Lu igt gua takowt??

Pon Walau Bagai Mana Walau ......
sabtu nieh balik kmpgggg!!!
Cannot waitttt!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Super Junior

Super Junior

Crazy in love with super junior's song ~ It's You

Enjoy the MV right here on my page!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

En.Shukri & Pn.Nor Atiqah Ismail

juz got back from the weddings...
one word to describe how I feel right now..


verrryyyyy muchhhh.
My kaki is killing me!

So,anyway..nothing much to say bout the first wedding,since aku pon tarak kenal sgt ngan kawan abah tue...but the food is soooo YUMMY!!!!
esp the nasi minyak.
Gud job on the food, Uncle! *thumbs up*

Next,E'qah's wedding.
Mmg laa..dah kate theme die ijau,waddayaexpect??
tak sempat tngkp gmbr dorg laa....cuz Eqah at that tyme was a bit....
Hubby die plak..senyap jer..I think he's trying to enjoy the moment,n be silent.N let the wife handle everything,haha.
1st tyme dlm sejarah idup aku,aku tgk bride lari masuk kuar umah nak pggl tetamu mai tngkp gmbr ngan dier.
I guess she just wanted everything to be perfect.I is her day,rite?
But..I was told that she was a bit upset ealier.
Bout watttt...???
taboleh bg taw..hehe.

seb bek sempat tgkp gmbr ngan 2 of my best friends,
Fatin n Che Ah.

BTW..gtg....nak kuar gi Jusco plak mlm nie,nak shopping ckit.
enjoy the pix!

Che Ah,Fatin n Me


Saturday, August 8, 2009


Agenda for today, 9th August 2009 .

First Destination :
Kuala Lumpur .
Anak kwn abah kawen kat Garden Lake Club .

Second Destination :
Shah Alam .
My 19 years old friend, Atiqah, is getting married T.O.D.A.Y.!!!

Such a young age , rite ?
Hopefully berkekalan sehingga ke anak cucu,hehe .
Cannot wait to see her !

Gotta go and shower .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Taking Back My Love....I just L.O.V.E this song!!!

Red One
Enrique ...

Go ahead , just leave
Can`t hold you , you`re free
You take all these things
If they mean so much to you
I gave you your dreams
Cause you meant the world
So did I deserve to be left in hurt
Sou think I don`t know
You`re out of control
And then I find all this from my boys
Girl you said I`m cold , you saving souls
You already know I`m not a touching material

I give it all up
But I`m taking back my love ,
I`m taking back my love ,
I`m taking back my love ,
I`ve giving you too much,
But I`m taking back my love,
I`m taking back my love, my love,my love,my love,my love

What did I do?
But give up to you
I`m just confused
As I stand here look at you
From head to feet
Always about me
Go ahead keep your keys
It`s not what I need from you
You think that`s enough (I do)
You made your self cold(Oh yeah)
How could you believe
You`re more then me , I`m your girl
You`re out of control (So what)
How could you let go (Oh yeah)
Don`t you know I`m not touching material

I give it all up
But I`m taking back my love ,
I`m taking back my love ,
I`m taking back my love ,
I`ve giving you too much,
But I`m taking back my love,
I`m taking back my love, my love,my love,my love,my love ... 2x

So all this love
I gave you take it away
You think material is the reason I came
If I have nothing what do you want me to say?
You take your money you take it all away

I give it all up
But I`m taking back my love ,
I`m taking back my love ,
I`m taking back my love ,
I`ve giving you too much,
But I`m taking back my love,
I`m takïng back my love, my love,my love,my love,my love ... 2x

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sumone special in his heart????

how come aku sorg jer dlm family yg tatau abg da ader 'sumone special'..??????
Can somebody please explain it to me..!
Tau laa aku da tercampak kat Kulim sane..sampai aty x bitau.
Nie pon aku taw dr blog dierr...
Abangg..siap laa hang blk cuti nnt.

watever it is..Im happy 4 u.Seriously (^_^)

Kolej MARA Kulim is Closed due to H1N1 Virus..yay??

KMK dgn sah nye ditutup utk seminggu,due to the virus yg sgt2 popular skang nie,H1N1...orr..collegemates aku pggl H-O-NE-NO-NE(H1N1)..get it??

Semalam kte org kne evacuate kan kwsn kolej,n klas akan stat blk ari khamis minggu depan..which happens to be my birthday,huhu.Going 18,finally.nak mintak mak phone baru aa,haha.Phone gue mmg da rosak call x dpt dgr suare kte,bluetooth da ntah ape kaba ntah,da xleyh gne..n then keypad lak mcm sengal jerr...xpe2.Cube la bodek2 skit..hehe.

Back to the topic...
smlm gerak dr kulim ke seremban naek ktm,Ekspress Langkawi.Dari pkul 9 sampai aa pkul 5 sumthing in the morning.
Wat a..exciting experience.
Hang out ngan kawan2 kat cafe dr pkul 10 smp pkul 12 mlm.Tgk dak2 laki wat 'experiment' dorg...haha.
Maleh nak elaborate aa,tgh selseme nie.
wait..SELSEMA?????? pk bukan2 naaaa....
mungkin x cukup tido smlm,tue yg selseme tue..huhu....

Oritey then,nak pi mandi sat....

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Day...!!!!

Seperti yg dijanjikan..arini,aku n steph gi jumpe Mr.Lee cheng xi.
Fuhhhh...terubat indu aku..haha.
He's still the same,though.
Wrma..friendly...full with smile....Still maintain his good looking face. Huuuu..
n his brother yg aku adore last year pon ader gakkk!!!!haha.Baru skang aku taw name dier.
Lee Cheng Rui.
A Level , TAR College .
Nak major in Pharmacy.
Hensemm sioowtttttt..makin tinggi.
X sangke die pon ngajar jugak,subjek english.

So anyway..
aku baked some cookies tuk Mr.Lee n family dier.N also my lovely Mr.John.
Can't wait to get the feedbacks..huhue.
Tapi aku rase agak manis oo.
Tapi xpe!
Asalkan adek dier suka..n Mr.John suka,cukup laaa.hehe

X sempat amek gmbr,though.Menyesal glerr..khusyuk sgt bercakap,tue la!Ishh.

But..mase nak tunggu mak Steph amek kte org,Mr. Lee suh aku n Steph bg ucapan kat klas physic Form4 dier.Perghhhh!!
Aku da angguk2 geleng2.
Malu siowttt.
Aku pon mcm x caye jerr yg aku bg ucpn depan klas dier.wakakaka!
Tapi part yg x tahan...
"My pretty ex students.Sorg from Nilai..the other came down from Kulim just to see me."
haha..merepek siowwttt.
Tersenggih jela aku.
Padahal tgh cuti midsem.
Pastu die mentioned cookies yg aku wat for him( hope Mr.Lee enjoy biskut tue.Amiinnnn).
"That freshly baked cookies are only meant for me.." Pastu die smiles !
Huhhh!! Xleyh2.
Adek Mr.Lee mau cmpk mane??Haha..lg merepek.

N then..b4 balik tue,Mak Mr.Lee..Mrs.Lee dtg jumpe aku n Steph.
"Thank u for the cookies.Kalau sedap boleh order x?"
"Oh sure.Why not?"
But seriously..I Do take orders...
But after raye aa.hehe.

Plan nak ke Jusco after that terpakse ku batalkan cuz Nrul ckp(we supposed to meet her after jumpe Mr.Lee.Tapi Die tunggu aku n Steph kat Jusco dlu.) kat Jusco ader BOM!!!
Bapak aa..
"For real..????" Aku sms die .
"For real aaa.Emergency alaram bunyi tadi.Ak tatau aa fire or bom.Tapi rase mcm bom."

Alaaaa....aku nak sgt kuar arini...
xpe laa..
xde rezeki...
Nak wat mcm maner...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

KMK dihantui Pontianak..??!!!!

Chill2...Relax..itu semua adalah mimpi gue semate2..hehe.
Tue laaa...aku pun,x brape gemar mimpi2 antoo nie.

Kisahnye stat begini...

Aku tgh syok2 wat hmw kat dlm dorm..tibe2 ade annoucement dibuat.
"Semua pelajar sila ke surau sekarang jugak . Panggilan kecemasan , semua pelajar sila berkumpul di surau sekarang juga ."

Mulanye..maleh nak pegi . But then tibe2 dak2 dorm aku dok kecoh2 , ckp psal pontianak tu pontianak nie.Aku pon cuak aa dgr.
"Dorg ckp ader pontianak . Sebab tue dorg nak semua pelajar gi surau . Dorg nak bace2 sikit."

Dgr dak2 dorm ckp mcm tue..kte org pon cepat2 bsiap n turun gi surau same2.

On the way ke surau tue,aku dpt call from Muaz,klasmate aku.
Die nak mintak pertolongan aku n Arifah , so..die mintak kte org tunggu die kat dewan selera(DS) pompuan.

So..ok.kite org pun tunggu aa kat DS tue.N then tbe2 Muaz dtg bwk satu kotak tali pinggang taekwando.Alaaa..yg mcm2 kaler tue.Biru la,ijau,itam,,purple ade ke?xpe2.
Die bawak satu kotak penuh ngan tali pinggang tue.Die ckp..
"Tali nie ustaz da bace ayat2 sikit.Korang bg dak2 pompuan smue pakai mende nie,sorg satu.Pakai mende nie,pontianak xkan dtg dekat."
(Bile aku sedar dr mimpi tue,aku dok pk.."ader ehh kaedah mcm tue?" again..xpe2.ini hanyalah mimpi.)

So..aku n Arifah pon masuk surau,n distribute tali pinggang tue kat smue dak pompuan yg ader dlm surau.
Kte org ader laa jugak bg explaination skit2...
"Bile da pkai tali nie,korg ikat kat pinggang taw!,jgn dibukak2.Pakai jer..sampai smue da selamat."

n then tiba2..Syamil(our suruhanjaya pilihan raya punye president)grabbed the mike n ckp...
"korg..mende nie serious.Tolong jangan maen2.'Mende' tue akan dtg mlm nie..die nak amek sumthing yg tertinggal.Which..salah sorg drpd korg dah amek mende tue.Tolong ngaku cepat,sape yg amek barang pontianak tue!"
Smue diam.
Tak berani nak bersuare.
Tibe2...terdgr suare pompuan gelak+nanges.Semakin lame semakin dkt kat surau tue...
Semakin lame..bertukar kepada lagu CRAZY FROG pulakkkk???!!! WTH ?????

Ohh..rpe2 nye..alarm aku...

Jadi..mimpi aku smp situ jela.
Tak ske tol dpt mimpi2 mcm nie..
Mungkin tido x basuh kaki kottt mlm smlm.
n then tgk cter Keliwon plak tue..

Mudah-mudahan ini smue adalah mimpi sahaja,mainan tidor.

BTW:going back to KMK tomorrow!!
Erghhh...math x siap2 agi niehh

Torres da dpt anak..?????? WTH...????

Torres da dpt anak !
Bile plakkk die kawenn..??????????
ngan sape??
Olalla ker???
OMG....apsal aku tatau...!!!????????????????????
Da kawen 2 bulan lepas plak tue...

xde keje...:p

Some pictures during Orentation Week , English Week . .....n...Well. pictures of memories in KMK.
lyn n Shazlan , Our Class's Cleopetra n Pharoah..haha.

The hardworking class U students during the English Week....Lyn,Abe,Hani,Azri(black shirt),Amin n ...tatau aa sape nm dier.hehe..

Some pictures during Orientation Week.

From white shirt..Shazlan,our Abg Feci(x ingt name nye sape)Nazrief,Hilmi Aiman,Anis,Me,Nad n P-qah.

My Dorm's Girls...Enjoying the rambutans..Yum2 !
Still bleh posing walopon digigit semut tyme tue..haha..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reunion wid Mr.Lee Cheng Xi...!!

Nothin much to say...
Cannot wait to see Mr.Lee Cheng tuition teacher for physic last year.
Damn Handsome..Gud Looking..young..single(i guess...I HOPE.)haha..
Juz can't waitt!
This friday.
Planning to bake some cookies for him..yeahhh..oh..n Mr.John too,my bio tuition teacher last year.Mr Lee's causin.Cute..haha.
Can't waittt!!!!!

Nak suh Mr.Lee brainwash otak aku cukup2,so that aku bleh focus kat klas Physic Mr.DZ kat kolej nnt..hahaha..InsyaAllah..

ok..out 4 now !

Monday, July 13, 2009


walapon aku eppy dapat blk umah..kenapa aku still rase tensen?
ade kah mungkin duk kat umah nie aku susah btol nak pndg buku?n then..there's no one here yg boleh ajar aku kalo aku x paham.erghhh,tension siowtt.
arini da selase da...hmw still blambak(well..xde aa bnyk sgt..tinggal sikit jer lagi)tapi boleh kate tensen gak aa..
Homework yg masih ade :

Sikit jer sengal thp cipan!Calculator aku tertinggal kat dorm!!Jambu aa!Tembikai susu btoll!

Tarek nafas...hembus...tarekkk....hembussss....haaaaaaaa.....*lega*

Actually..kalo ikutkan aty,aku maleh glerr nak tgk buku,ingt cuti nie nak spend tyme ngan family jer.
Tapi..tringat plak yg naek cuti jer..trus ader quiz math....jadi..hancur sudah impian ku...
N then ade test ke2 plak next week..nak xnak..kne gak aa study.

"Kalo nak berjaya..jangan biar nafsu menguasai kita.Kita kena kalahkan nafsu.Biar nafsu ikut kita,bukan kita ikut nafsu."

tol x?
jadi..renung2 kan la ye...

oh btw..nak tgk Transformer!!!!!!!!!!
tp xde member nk teman.dorg smue still x cuti agi.aku sorg jer sesat cuti awal2..hak2...