Saturday, February 28, 2009

American Idol 8 !!!

Im definitely going to be a fan of american idol this year .
You noe....dalam season nie,mmg sah2 ader contestant yg mmg boleh menyanyi ~ Danny..Adam..Scott...Allison...a lot . baru minggu ke2 . And skrng masih lagi dlm proses nk isi kedudukan utk top12 . So , skrg br ader 6 contestant yg da layak masuk top12 . N I think all of them are really talented , esp Danny and Adam and Allison , n Matt too . Thay all talented , very . So far , my fav is Danny , Adam n Allison . So , masih ade lg 1 group , next week utk completekan kedudukan top12 tue . the thing is..i think dorg ader 3 group skang , n 2 of them da perform n skrg tinggal lg 1 group jer . But then , hanye 3 peserta dr setiap kumpulan layak masuk ke top12 . So..dorg yg kene reject tue , some of them mungkin..i mean..mereka yg judges rase layak diberi pluan skali lg,yg judges rase layak masuk top12 nie...mereka akan di panggil blk utk try lg skali utk impress judges tue smue . So fav yg terkeluar adalah Anoop , Tattiana(I noe....) , Jesse , Meghan....i hope dorg akan dipanggil blk la...Hopefully..
So , next week ader lg 1 group akn perform , n ader some of my favs too ~ Scott , Nathaniel , Alex ...hope dorg berjaye . But ape2 hal pon...kte tgk dulu performance dorg next week , ari khamis n jumaat , pkul 6 , at Starworld , astro channel 711 . haha!Iklan ..hahaha . Pics :
Some of my favs yg da lepas ke top12 ! Yesss!! n some other contestant yg i adore gler2..
a) Adam Lambert
b) Allison Iraheta
c) Danny
d) Scott
e) Meghan
f) Matt

Friday, February 27, 2009

Quick & Easy Beauty Tips!!!

so,I rase mcm nak share some beauty tips,I did some research on the internet,n this is is.Here is some tips that I found,which might be helpful for us teenagers n ladies,too....

a) olive oil can be used as an eye makeup remover and to shave your legs since it's very
b) sun is the No. 1 cause of prematurely aging skin. Avoid the sun by not only wearing hats, but
getting in the habit of wearing sunscreen every day, no matter the weather. By this way ,you
can get younger-looking skin.
c) Keep your hair between your chin and shoulders . That will help you look more younger !
d) If you have acne the first thing you want to do is slather on the thick foundation. Don't.
Foundation is for women over 35. Not only will it cover up your natural beauty, but foundation
on a teenager looks anything but natural.Instead, cover up blemishes with concealer, then
follow with a powder or tinted mosturizer. Tinted moisturizers tend to be lighter than heavy
e) When applying concealer, put a bit on the pad of your middle finger and pat it in. Never rub.
Got acne? Pat the concealer on top of it.
f) Less is more . Ever notice how some of your friends look best with no makeup at all? No
matter your age, too much makeup makes you look worse. Tone it down: All you really need is
a great mascara, concealer for blemishes and gloss.
g) Natural hair is always hot !
h) Keep nails clean and the same length . Also, there's nothing worse than too-long toenails.
i) No time to rush out and purchase a facial mask? Mash 1/2 of a banana and apply. Relax for a
half hour and then remove with cool water. Bananas are rich in oils that will keep the skin
from drying out. A great way to slow down aging with bananas !
j) Saltwater has wonderful effects on all hair types. You'll love the look once your hair has dried.
k) Do highlight your best features. Eyes? Hair?Lips? You decide . Choose your best feature , and
play with it .
l) Remember ! Beauy is internal . And that's the true beauty of life .

SPM result is coming!!!!!ARGHHHHHH!!

okay...don't panic...relax..calm down..take a deep breath...
So..da pon diumumkan bahawa SPM result akn kuar pd minggu ke2 bulan mac,which is like,i donno,perhaps another 2 weeks from now!!!
Takowt aaa....
But there's nothing i can do....skarang kite kene tunggu dan lihat.and doa banyak2 smg result kite ok.
I really do hope that I pass all the subjects...n I prayed that I can at least pass n get credits...but of course,all of us hope to get excellent results,rite?N I wish that smue org yg amek spm last year dpt keputusan yg dorg ingin kan...mudah2an la ye.Marilah kte doa same2 utk kejayaan bg diri kite,keluarga,rakan2 dan sesiape sahaja yg mengharapkan kejayaan.Tak kesah lah kejayaan utk spm ker,or stpm,or job interview ker....x kesah laa.Kte doa same2 utk kejayaan smue org,dan mudah2an org lain juga akn buat mcm tu utk kte satu ari nnt. (^_^)

Monday, February 23, 2009



sorry 4 the late update.

i was sick a few days back...erghh..started out wid sore throat,then cough n then flu..then tibe2 kene asthma attack plak .

Huissshhhh....i couldn't sleep for two

Pity my parents....esp mak la...i couldn't sleep...i couldn't really breathe(havin difficulties la)then my head hurts..n my hands,i ended up waking her like,every 1 hour...Kesiann...

Then finally,after 2 nites keadaan x berubah jugak....we went to the clinic on saturday morning .

After i took my medicines..i slept the whole day from 11 am till 6.30 pm...n i was soo hyperactive that nite!LOL...then i got sick again...ahaha

But anyway...feelin all better now (^^) have a new cute little sis bought him..or her(im not really sure..the guy from the store couldn't detect it!)on friday evening . We called him/her
You noe y i called him/her Hammy?
Well..i was watching Mulan the other day , n there's this animal character..a Cricket n a Dragon called Mushu,n he called the cricket , Cri-kee.....which is soo cute!!!!
"come on , Cri-kee !!"
So..thats y i decided to call my new hamster, if Hamster,u noe.But it does sound like a hamburger or ham...wateva!!Hammy is the cuttest hamster I have ever seen! nose...n small!!really2 small...i think he/she is still a baby..But I still need to take him/her back to the store to identify the gender...maybe next month...we'll see.
out for now!

Monday, February 16, 2009

6 dreams in two nites , in a row!!!

Wow .
Lately nie , macam2 mimpi aku dapat . Mimpi yang ak x sangke ak dapat pon ak dapat gak ! ahaha
Dua malam yang lepas , tidoku diselubungi mimpi2 yang agak best , hehe . So , nak kongsi sikit aa . ;p

Mimpi 1 :
Aku mimpi aku kawen . Serious , no joke . Mule die mcm nie , time tue Aku , kawan lame ku , Adi , n gf dier tunggu kat luar umah aku nie . Dalam mimpi tue , aku pakai this beautiful white wedding gown , n Adi pakai Tux , n gf die pon pkai white wedding gown gak . Time tue , macam ader 2 wedding dlm 1 mase n di tempat yg same(which is in my house).Adi kawen ngan gf die , n aku....well,aku x nmpk plak sape pengantin laki aku . SEDIH glerrr...Who is he?Where is he ? Tu lah soklan yg aku pk time tue . So , aku,adi n gf die tunggu kat luar rumah , kire nak sambut tetamu aa . Time tue paling best cuz kawan2 aku smue datang!!hehe . Yang aku perasan time tue , ader Yanti , Athirah Aiza , Syazana(5B) , Syazana(syaberry),Myra,Kembar 5Epsilon(Adeq n akak) n Azie . Dlm mimpi tue aku eppy glerr aa nmpk dorg ! N dorg bawak cupcakes sebagai adiah wedding aku!!ahahaha .Dorg ckp mcm nie , "Jijah!!Kte org buat cupcakes tok ko!Lawa x??"
Wahh...aku excited glerr...TAPI.....sampai ati dorg.Dorg tunjuk cupcakes tue smue kat aku , then tibe2 dorg masuk dlm umah , n bedal cupcakes tu sampai abes . Ader ke patot ????? Then after that , Ayapi(uncle) plak datang . Die bagi rm300 kat aku sbg adiah . Hahaha . Then mak plak datang tibe2 , tunjuk kasut Clark yg die baru blie tok Abah . Melencong oo mimpi aku nie . Then , sampai situ jela mimpi pertame aku .

Mimpi 2 :
Aku mimpi aku g PD ngan kawan2 . Tapi x prasan plak sape kawan2 yg ader tme tue . So , masa kite org da smpai kat PD tue,time tue dah nak dekat sunset . Aku pon enjoy laa tgk pemandangan yg indah tue , " wahhh...lawanye sunset tue...."
Then , aku tengok2 la sekitar pantai time tue . Nampak satu group nie , mcm dak2 kolej . Then bile ak scan betol2 , "eh!Tu abang aa!N kawan2 UNITEN dier!"
Rupe2nye,abang aku pon ader kat situ gak . Then tibe2 phone aku berdering .
" Ellow ? Aziza eh?"
"Haah . Eh , Paan . Asal call tibe2 nie??" aku tanye dlm mimpi tue
"Ziza kat PD eh , Ziza?" die balas
"A'ah . Kite kat PD ngan kaw-"
"Kite pon kat PD gak!!Dengan Ali(abang) smue nie . Kite nmpk Ziza , Ziza nmpk kte x ??"
Then , aku pandang balik kat group abang aku tue . Then , aku nampak Paan .
Die tengah duduk kat atas batu besar nie , ngan sorg girl nie . Wahh..mesra glerr..(jeles nie).Girl tue duduk sblh Paan n die letak kpale die kat bahu Paan . Then , tibe2 girl tue turned around n pandang aku . Die senyum . Aku terkejut glerrr tahap dewa aa ble nampak sape girl
tue .
Girl tue...tue GF abang aku tue .
Macam mane lakk die leh end up ngan Paan nie??????Binggung betol otak aku time tueee....
Then,thats the end.

Mimpi 3 :
Aku mimpi , aku n emak g KLIA , nak beli tiket g Australia . Tapi mimpi nie kejap jerr...Nothing yg best2 . Start with , aku parking kete , then kte org nek lift g tempat nak beli tiket , then g beli tiket , pastu time nak turun nk g tempat parking kete tue terserempak laa ngan 2 org stewardess nie , n dorg tue kawan abah , so , borak2 la kjap ngan dorg . Then , ader satu part nie , aku tolong sorg uncle angkut beg2 die masuk kete dier . Agakk baek aa aku dlm mimpi tue..hekhekhek....Then..tue jela.

Mimpi 4 :
Mimpi nie pon..bese2 jer...
Aku mimpi aku g family trip kat satu tempat nie . Xtaw laa ape name tempat tue . Tapi kite org sewa apartment la kat sane . N apartment tue nmpk scary glerrr......buruk,wane putih,n bp tingkat eh?5 or 6 tingkat mcm tue la...scary oo...
Then , mase kite org tengah nak kuarkan beg2 dr bonet kete , tibe2 aku nmpk kawan aku .
" Eh , Nadhirah . Awak buat ape kat cni?"
Nadhirah , classmate aku . Ex-classmate aa . ;p
"Eh , Aziza . Kite nak camping kat cni ." die tunjuk kat hutan kat blakang apartment tue .
Barulah aku prasan kat blakang apartment tue ader hutan .
" Awak biar betul . Nak camping kat cni ?" aku tanya , x percaye .
" Awak plak , biar betul nak dok kat apartment tue ? Hutan nie lagi selamat drpd apartment tue taw ."
Errrr.........sah2 laa apartment tue haunted ke ape ker...
Then , tibe abah ajak g kedai , nak makan lunch . So , aku ajak la Nadhirah skali , n die pon setuju nak ikut .
N..abes . mcm tue jerr..

Mimpi 5 :
Mimpi nie , buat aku kaget gak laa....
Aku mimpi aku da dpt lesen kete , tapi x pandai drive . Macam maner tuee..???
Aku mimpi la..aku n iman(adik) nk g,mase nak g zoo tue , aku soh la iman drive , padahal die xde lesen agi . Tapi , bile die drive ....waaa...smooth oo.Macam da pro la . So , ble a sampai kat zoo tue , zoo tue plak tutup . Adue..So,kte org pon balik la.
Time nak balik , aku ckp la ngan iman ,
"Iman , akak drive plak ."
Die pon ok je la .
Then , mase nak drive tue , huish , DISASTER !!!!
Aku tertekan minyak lebey , n ZOOOMMMMM!!!! laju aa kete tue . Then nak brek , brek plak x mkn . Kecut prut aku dbuat nye . Gabra glerr aa time tue . Lagi skitt jerr nak langgar kete org len . Then aku stop aa kete . Aku pk ,
"Aku kan da bleh da drive , n nie ha , lesen pon da ader . Asal mcm *tuuuutttttt* jerr aku drive nie??
Herghh..aku cube drive balik . Same gak . Tapi lagi trok . Minyak tertekan lebey lagi , brek x makan , n lagi skit jerrrr nk rempuh umah org ! Tapi....x sempat cuz aku da tersedar time tueee....ahahahaha

Last but not least....
Mimpi 6 :
Aku mimpi...
aku n syazana(syazberry) g Petaling Street . hehehe...x shopping pon . Cuci mater jerr...
Then , time kte org tgh jalan2 kat tue , aku stop kat satu kedai jual2 cd smue nie . Wahh...n org yg jual tue , Jeeva! kawan..mcm mn nak ckp eh?kawan abg time die skewl kat s.alam dulu aa...
(Jeeva nie kan...kali nie masuk kali ke2 aku mimpi psal die . Aritu aku mimpi die jadik antoo . Skang jadik taukeh cd lak...hmm..nasib bek nie mimpi jer)
So , ble die nmpk aku , die ckp ,
"Eh , Aziza . Dulu u mimpi i jadik antoo ehh???"
Mak aihhh...mcm maner lakk dier taw nie? Then baru aku tringat...
Dalam dunia betul..aku ader bagi taw Paan(Paan ni pon kawan kpd Jeeva) yg aku mimpi Jeeva jadik antoo . Punye laa puas aku pujuk Paan jgn bitaw Jeeva psal mimpi antoo tue .
Then , tibe2 lak aku mimpi yang jeeva taw aku mimpi dier jadik antoo !
So..back to the mimpi again...Ble jeeva tanye aku soklan tue , ntah ttbe2 jer aku pusing blakng n aku nmpk Paan kat blakang aku . Tapi ak x terkejut pon time nmpk die kat blakang aku tue . Seolah2 , mmg die ikut aku n syaz g Petaling Street , tp die jalan kat blakang kte org . (Jap2..korg leh catch up x mimpi aku nie??)
So , aku tanye Paan ,
"Pann bitaw Jeeva ker??"
Then die tersengih , " Hehehe..terlepas cakap..sorrieee..."
N..time tue aku rase ak tendang kaki dier.....tapi...dalam dunie btol,rupe2nye aku tertendang besi katil. Sakit ooo....
N tibe2 Jeeva bagi aku 5 cd free . AHhahahaha....

Aduhaiiii...mimpi2....mcm2 ader.....
So,2 mlm yg lepas,mimpi2 nie la yg aku dpt.Banyak oo...n aku xnak lupe kat mimpi2 nie,sebab tue aku tulis kat cni , hopefully dpt share laa mimpi2 yg aneh2 n best2 yg aku dpt nie .

I had a blast !

ellow people !!
Arini terase nak speaking,meh kte same2 speak english..acheewahhh !!
Nway , first things first , really,really sorry for the late update ! Im supposed to countdown with u guys for the ' A Random Smile Day' day , but anyway , really sorrie .
So,it was Valentine's Day or A Random Smile Day for me last saturday , and I went out with my emak and abah to Ampang Point . I had a blast . I really did smile the whole day , from morning until nite . And , I feel gooodddd . No kidding . When we reached there , i remembered , the first person i smiled to , was the pak jaga at the parking area . I got out from the car , n I looked at him n noticed he looked back , and I flashed him a smile .N...he smiled back ! Ahahaha..batak btol...
Then , we went to AJ's shop , which is a , fabric shop , kedai kain laa , n shop for fabrics for our new baju raye !! Yesss ! I chosed this pretty purple fabric(i'll post a pic,later) for this year's baju raya . Its a bit early , rite ? I mean , of course , raya is not until september , n we oready went shopping for baju raya . Well , this kind of things , is normal for my family . We dont buy , baju yang da siap dijahit . We buy kain , and then go tempah . Haa...tgk!Da ckp rojak plakk daaa...
Anyway , back to the smiling topic , after we finish our little shopping , we went to some arabic restourant and had our dinner there . Again , put a big , friendly smile on my face , flash it to everyone in that restaurant , ahaha . At the restaurant , I ordered a plate of sheesh kebab(is the spelling correct??) and it tasted soooo good ! Ah ! n I forgot to take a pic of it .
After that , we went home . Well , actually , I really , really thought that Abah might stop by at Acik Abid's house to pray . But he didn't . I was soo upset . Wondering why? Acik's house , there's this Abang , n we called him Abang Ngah n he is Acik Abid's husband , Ayami's nephew . And he is drop dead gorgeous !! I had a crush on him . Lol...seriously . But i don't even know his real name , n how old he is . I first met him during a Buka Puasa at my Mak Ngah's house at Bandar Sri Putra last year . When i first saw him , i was like ,
"sape plak abang nie ? Kazen aku ker ? Tak penah nampak pownn . Ke kawan abang long(my kazen)? Ah , lantak la."
I don't really care who he is , but i do noticed how soo good looking he was at that time . So , I buat dunno la . I don't give a damn actually . So , after berbuka puase , I helped out at the kitchen . I jadik tukang basuh pinggan . So , time I basuh tue , I noticed that he stood behind me with her dirty plate . I didn't noticed it at first until Azik Abid said ,
"Bagi jaja jer pinggan tue , Ngah . Jaja , amek pinggan kat Abang Ngah tue ."
Then only I turned around . But still , I wat dunno je la . I smiled , he smiled back , ahhh...soo cute!!hehe
Then after da basuh pinggan smue tue , I went upstairs to hang out with Kak Eika . And the I asked who is the stranger downstairs .
" Kak , sape Abang Ngah tue ?Tak penah nampak pon."
" Ha..tue la bakal husband akak ! Wahahha" Kak Eika replied sambil tergolek2 atas katil .
" Hish , btol2 la akak nie . Sape tue ?"
"Tak de la...tu anak sedare Ayami . Hensem kan??" *tersengih*
"Hmm...boleh la.Biase2 jer."
After that , I kuar and gi tengok tv . Kebetulan time tue my adek sedare , Shahrul tengah tgk bola , n since I ni kaki bola , I pon join la .
Then , a few minutes later , I saw at the corner of my eyes , Abang Ngah naik tangga . Then he sits next to me !!! I was feeling uncomfortable at first , but I maintain cool jer . I peeked to looked at his face , nampak serious jerr tgk bola tue...but still looks soo calm . Then , tibe2 , my emak panggil ,
" Jaja , cepat , nak balik nie ."
So,I quickly dashed downstairs . Time tengah salam2 mak cik2 I n pak cik2 I smue tue , baru I teringat something . I went to see Acik Abid .
" Acik2 , esok kan(ahad) jaja ader seminar kat KL , 1 whole day , dekat ngan rumah acik laa . Agak2 boleh x buke pose kat umah acik ?" I asked , dengan selambe nye .
"Seminar ape tue ?' Acik asked back
" Alaa...seminar SPM , subject bio and chem . Ahad lepas pon ader gak . So , boleh x , acik?"
Acik nodded , " mestilah boleh..tak kan x boleh kot . Esok ble da nak abeh nanti call acik , k?"
Yes !!! I terlompat happily , ignoring panggilan mak n abah .
" Acik!Lagi satu , kalo jaja bawak kawan sorg , bleh x ?"
"Haaa...bawak la..the more the merrier , x gitu ?"
Wahh..I love sungguh may acik abid tue !
The next day , time seminar nak abes tue , I was soo tired (ingat lagi nih) and excited at that time . So , I quickly dialed Acik's number .
" Akum , Acik , Jaja nie . Seminar da abes da . Acik nak kte org tunggu kat mane ?"
" Da abeh da ? K,k . Jaja tunggu kat stesen minyak Shell , ader kan kat situ ? Ha..jaja tunggu kat situ , nanti Ayami amek ."
" Ooohhh..okeh . Tapi kan Acik , semalam Jaja ckp nk bawak sorg kawan , tp arini , ader lagi sorg kawan plak nak ikut . Boleh x cik?"
" Laa..bawak la.Acik pon masak banyak arini ."
" Yes , thx Acik ! I love you(I really said that)!!"
" Hahaha..yela2."
So , I , Hana n Ehsan waited at the Shell station . Agak lame la nunggu , dalam 10 minit mcm tue . I scan around , looking for a green proton . Tak nampak pon .
" Cube call Pak Cik you ." Ehsan(a guy that I barely know,which is Hana's friend) said .
" Hmm...okeh ."
So,baru jer nak call , tetibe , I dengar ader orang panggil nama I .
" Kak Jaja !"
Mata I menjelar2 carik , sapa plak yang panggil ? Then tibe2 , ader sorg budak kecik nie berlari kat arah I .
" Eh , Ina . Akak x nampak plak awak ."
Jom la , Kak Jaja . Abang Ngah da tunggu tue ." She dragged my arms .
" Okeh - wait . Jap2 . Abang Ngah ????"
" Ha'ah . tuee ." She pointed at a guy yang tengah isi minyak kat kereta Persona .
My heart missed a beat at that time .
Ape plak mamat tue buat kat sini ???? Then it hit me .
Memang laaa...die kan anak sedare Ayami , so , mesti die stay kat umah acik ! Aiyooooooo !
He looked up when me , Hana n Ehsan reached the car . Then he smiled .
" Hye Jaja . Da lame tunggu ?" a voice from inside the car said . Turned out to be Ayami's .
" Ayami...tak la..baru jer.Nie kawan , Hana ngan Ehsan ."
Ayami flashed a smile .
" Hai...k,k.Masuk la ."
So , we got in . And I sat at the middle . Still shocked nampak Abang Ngah tadi .
So , di pendekkan cerite , time buka pose tue , everything went smoothly . Abang Ngah bape kali ntah senyum kat kiterr ! Ehehehe . And I think , start dari malam tue , I started to have crush on him . Always looking foward to see him . ;p
Huisshhhh ! Jauhnye melencong dari topic A Random Smile Day nie !
Hehehe..xpe..So , anyway , Abah tak jadik singgah umah acik , So, we straiht back home ,but of course , stopped kat R&R kejap , to pray .
Conclusion , last saturday , I had a blast . Happy . N malam tue borak2 ngan syaz . N time tengah borak tue , Paan lak call , n Im soo eppy ! Hahaha ~
Yanti cakap nak datang umah , so ,Im looking foward to that . n Syaz(if read this),kalo nak datang umah , nak hang , datang la , k ! ;p

Haa...da penat da ckp bahase rojak nie .
Im out !
Peace out

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stuck Here at home , but i finished my twilight the 3rd book ! (^^)

Olla n Salam...
huishhhh...nek bowinkk aaa asyik dok umah jerr . Bangun , makan , internet , mandi , makan , solat , nap jap , bangun , solat , men kat luar umah , mandi , makan , internet , solat tido . Tuje laa mende yg aku wat kat umah . Tapi , ade la jugak wat housework , hehe . But still ! Boring nye...Tapi nsb bek smlm tqah msg , ajak g klcc 12 march nie . Hmmm...sounds like a gud idea . Ramai gak yang pegi nnt , dpt laa jugak hang ngan member2 smue . Nak kene kumpul duet nih . Da la purse tgh kering kontang ! hukhuk . Tapi , aku lom mintak permission 'madam' n 'big boss' aa . Nie part yg agak susah . Korg ingt senang2 jer ke parent aku nk lepaskan aku g kl ngan member2 . huishh..susa oo,walopon aku ni da dewasa(da abeh skola da nie!!ceehhhh2),agk susa oo...but i'll try.i have too!!

So,anyway,pg td aku da abehkan buku twilight yg ke3 nye . Agak best , esp part yg de edward,jacob n bella . hehehe . Best laa tgk dorg gado berebut kan bella . Edward , cool jer...Jacob lak,cute jerr..hehe.I still prefer Jacob though .
Nanti lah,ble2 aku free,aku post la chapter2 yg best2 kat cni tok korg bace k!
out for now~

countdown : 4 days left to A Random Smile Day

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sakit , sakit , SAKIT !!!!!

Olla and Salam ...
auch !
sakit2 .
Ape yg sakit ?
Sakit laaa...
*sengal nye aku nie*
wahaha ~ xde laaa...arini omost 1 badan aku sakit . Sakit tgn , blakang , kaki , smue sakit !
Ni smue psal men badminton nye psal aa . Tu la..pandai sgt . Tak worm up dulu before men , ha , ni la padah nye . Padan mke .
Da omost 2 minggu xmen badminton , smlm aku men badminton badminton ngan adek2 . Wahhh ... caya laa...bag smash tajam smue tue . Keja shuttle sane , keja shuttle sini , menang lak tu smlm ! Caya aaa .
Malam nye..........auch sane ! Auch sini ! sakit blkng aa, sakit kaki , sakit tgn . smue ader . Muscle terkejut kowt . huhu . Nak angkat selimut pon da mcm nak angkat besi .
Mmg bagi pengajaran btol . Before wat ape2 sukan , warm up dulu .

Nway , arini aku bukak blk page facebook aku setelah,agk2 dlm 2 minggu kowt, x bukak . Aku xtaw la...rase mcm malas tol nk update mende2 nie . Myspace lagi aa.da nak 1 taun x bukak . Frenster leh tahan agi,rajin jugak laa aku bukak .;p
Tapi blog nie,aku cbe update tiap2 ari . Yelah , kne stat besakan diri nie , mane taw , satu ari nnt kte jadik journalist ke kan , senang aa . wwahaha..lalalala~

countdown : 6 days left to A Random Smile Day

1 Litre of Tears

Salam ....
Nie , korg penah x dgr cte jepun , ' 1 Litre Of Tears ' ? Penah dgr x??
Huishh , cter nie , bleh dikatekan cter yg paling sedey penah aku tgk . Sedehh teramat sgt . Aku last tgk cter ni tyme form3 dulu(2006), pastu baru tadi , aku bukak Youtube , nak refresh blk memories psal cter ni . Aku ingt , aku xkan nanges nye la ble tgk cter nie blk . Sekali ...perghhh . Baru tgk fanvid dier , da meleleh2 air mate aku . Belum part sedey or gempak agi . Baru tgk mysic video utk OST cter tu , da bertimbun2 air mate berguguran . hehe .
Tapi betol laa , citer nie mmg sedey . Ceter nie berkesah kan sorg dak pmpn high skewl nie . Pandai , ceria , friendly n aktif men basketball . Skali 1 day nie , tibe2 nerve system die mcm x bfugsi ngan betul . Die jalan lambat , asyik terjatuh jerr . Nak pegang barang pon da susah . Semua nie stat berlaku mase die terjatuh time nak pegi satu function nie . Die terjatuh , then kepale die terhentak kat batu kowt , berdarah laa kan? Yg bf die yg ader kat sblh die time tu , bukan nak sambut dier ke ape , pakai tgk jerr . BF jeniss ape laa tue !
Then , sejak incident tue , badan die mcm da x bfungsi ngan betul . Sian dier . Macam2 dugaan la yg die tempuhi . Kawan2 die ckp buruk psal die la , mcm2 la . Boleh kate setiap episode yg aku tgk , mesti ade adengan nanges2 nye laa . But then , last2 , girl nie ninggal cuz pnyakit nie xde cure .
And lagi satu , citer nie based on true story . PERGH !!! Lagi sedey . Boleh menang grammy aa tok saddest tv drama ever !!
Kalo korg belum penah tgk agi cter nie , ha , gi la dwnld ker , beli dvd or cd dier ke . X pon , korg tgk laa kat youtube . Tekan jer ' 1 litre of tears ' , gerenti dpt nye la ! ;p

K , itu saja . Tata~

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

qti + upu fasa2

Olla and Assalamualaikum ....
semalam(6.02.2009),aku der qti test kat inmaju . aku ingat susah la sgt...tapi xde la susah sgt,bese2 jer . Banyak gak aa kawan2 sekola yg aku jumpe kat sane ~Puvanes,Nalisa,Faiz(tue kwn lamer time kat S2 dulu,tp xtaw aa dier igt ag kat aku ke x,LOL)~bestla..xde la boring sgt time nunggu turn tue.Banyak laa jugak mamat yg cute n hencem2,husha la kjap2,wahahah.And banyak jugak kwn2 baru yg aku dpt,mostly dr skola bukit mewah,tp,aduemak,sape name die,lupe laa nak tanye.
Anyway,time nunggu turn aku tue,aku lepak laa ngan Nalisa.Then time tgh nunggu tu,aku tgk2 la budak2 yg tgh practice drive kat dpn kte org nie . Skali , aku tnampak la kawan aku , Puvanes . Wahhh !! Smooth jer dier bawak kete tue . Huhu ~ ader laa skali nie , aku kaco die drive . Die benti jap kat "berhenti" nye sign , pastu dier pandang kat arah kte org yg tgh tunggu turn tue . Skali die nmpk la sorg minah yg terlompat2 sambil melambai2 mcm mongkey(aku la tu),wahaha,trus dier tglak,pastu dier ckp , " haa!Aziza!HYE!!!!" . Time tue,kete dier da stat jalan , tapi mate dier pandang arah aku,tangan lak tgh melambai . Wahahah~kelakar glerr time tu , sabo jela. Seb bek depan n blakang dier xde kereta .
Anyway , dipendek kan citer , agak lamer laa aku mnunggu turn aku tok wat qti tu . Aku sampai pkul 9 , pkul 11.30 baru settle qti test tu. Da la ritu glerr panas , habes smue keringat aku kuar , LOL . Tapi , qti test tu aku pass la , syukur2 . Skang nie kne tunggu jpj test lak,tu pon bulan 3 nnt .
So , after drivin lesson tue da abeh , instructor aku anta la aku blk . Sampai umah jer,aku tolong bibik wat lunch . Kte owg makan after atok aku blk solat jumaat . So , ptg tue , aku on9 la,nak isi borang upu tok fasa2 nye( . Huishhh ...pening pale mmikirkan kos ape nak pilih . Betol la ckp Syaley , PENING!
Seb bek time tu mak n abah pon ader skali ngan aku , so , dpt jugak la aku dgr pendapat ibu bapaku . ;p
1st choice , semestinye aku punye choice la , aku pilih course komunikasi&media which is kat uitm . 2nd choice aku penulisan seni layar aka script writing , pown kat uitm gak . 3rd choice aku,nie pilihan mak la,TESL aka teaching english as sencond language , pon kat uitm gak . die de 8 choice , tp aku bitaw korg 3 pilihan aku cukup aa . Aku sebenarnye study sn time skola nengah dulu,tapi minat aku kat sn , agak kurang la . Parents aku pon da taw yg minat aku dlm sn kurang , n naseb bek dorg bersikap supportive kat aku . They said that they will always hv my back in wateva decision i make . Aku bersukur sgt2 cuz dapt parent mcm mak n abah . ( Omma , appa , sarang hae!!! ;p)
Mudah mudahan dpt la balas jase mak n aba ble da besar nnt . Huhu ~ kene keje kuat2 nieh , study btol2(insyaAllah).Abah da ckp aba nak kete mercedes . Huish . InsyaAllah de duet lebey nnt beli aa,kongsi ngan abg aa ble da besa nnt , hehehe .
Anyway , antara choice lain aku , Seni kulinari , Pengurusan Hotel , Bahasa Inggeris n Pengajian Sains bersama Islam(sumthing mcm tue la) . Aba soh aku try letak sumthing psal jururawat , tp , time dak off9 baru aba ckp . Tapi , xpe , kalo nak tukar ape2,after spm nye result da kuar , still ble tukar . No worries . ;p
K , thats all for now . Tata ~

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twilight Review !!!! The books ...not the movie

Assalamualaikum ....

Wahaha~da abeh pown buku Twilight-New Moon . Amatlah besh citer dier tu!!Kelakar ader,sweet pon ader,sedy pon ader,bak kate org-cukup la syarat2 nye tuh ;p

Dalam buku yg ke-2 nie , citer dier mcm nie...

The Cullens pindah dari Forks , n Edward break dengan Bella . Sian laa Bella time tuh , sedih , kecewa,patah ati . Sian sgt dier , sampai bapak die , Charlie , nak antar dier balik Florida suruh die gi duduk ngan mak dier cuz bpk die rase mcm Bella ni da jadik mcm org yg xde keidupan , mcm owg mati jerr . Agak2 adela dalam bp bulan Bella kecewa/patah ati . Die makan pon susah , nak keluar rumah pon susah..asyik terperap jer . So,fastfowardkan , nanti Bella jadik rapat ngan Jacob Black . Tapi dalam buku ke2 nie , Jacob da berubah . Die jadik werewolf !!!

Huh ~mule2 die fell in love ngan Edward , the vampire . Skang ngan Jacob , the werewolf plak . ahaha - sweet!! Adue..Bella,Bella...bertuah btol la ko nih. ;p

Tapi no worries !! Cuz ending cter tu nnt Bella dengan Edward together balik ! Yess!! Edward ajak Bella kawennnn . Weweeeett !! Bella lak tak abeh2 ngan niat die nak jadik Vampire . The Cullen's family smue setuju , kecuali Roseline ngan Edward . Tapi , before that , ader satu point nie , Edward ingat Bella da mati , so die(bertemankan dgn hati yg kecewa)pegi Italy,nak bunuh diri , sbb bagi dier , da xde maknenye idup dlm dunie yg xde Bella.Huhu`sweet benorr.

So..kalo nak taw dgn lebeh details..bace la buku tu k . Sambungan twilight yg ke3&4 lg best maa!tak saba nak bace!! Nanti dorg kawen , pastu Bella gandung ank Edward . So , nnt ank dorg tu kire , half vampire half human la , kan???? Tapi time Bella nak beranak nnt , nyawa die da mcm nyawe2 ikan , so time tu lah Edward geget Bella , n nnati Bella pon jadik la Vampire .

Tak sabo nak bace nih !!

Some1 i met on internet .....

Olla guys , and assalamualaikum ...
first of all ...... uittt , syaz!(aka syazberry),awat la hang tulis pasal sms aku tu kat blog ko , malu la * blushing* .

So anyway ....
Pagi tadi aku gi driving lesson aku . Adue makk...istructor aku mcm nek fed up jerrr ngan aku . Tapi lantak la...better things did happened to me today .
Tengah ari tadi , after borak2 ngan syaz kat dlm phone ~ sian laa dier arini kne gi skewl,de keje sidang.tapi xpe,nnt aku blanjer tgk movie eh.kte tgk upin&ipin ;p~ aku g la on9 , sajer chattin kat enet . Secare x sengaje , aku tertekan name sorg chatter nie , n hen x psal2 , mule la kte org stat chattin . Die org UK , Andrew , baek sangat . Amat la sweet, n very protective towards his family . die nie 26 taun , n he is a chef . Mule2 time chat ngan die tu , aku de la takuwt jugak kalo2 die mule merapu pasal mende2 x senonoh smue tu , tapi x skali pown die mention pasal mende tu . instead , die cakap psal family die . Aku suke sangat dgr crite die tu . Die ckp la , mak die x sehat and so do adek die . Adek die ader penyakit , aku x ingat la name pnyakit tu , tp something bout syndrome la(bukan down symdrome ye!!) .
Adek dier tu baru 14 taun . Dia x de sense of danger , she can't talk properly and spine dier pown da start tu curve relly bad . Andrew ckp , adek dier suke buat sepah kat rumah dier , tapi dier x kesah pown . N x skali pown die naik kan sore kat adek dier , cuz die sayang sgt adek dier tu . Die x kesah kalo umah dier bersepah ke , ape ke , tunggang terbalik ke , asalkan adek dier eppy . And 1 thing dier suke sgt psal adek dier ni is , adek dier always eppy , x penah sedih2 .
Like i said before , Andrew nie chef . Assistant head chef la , n agak kaye (i think) , tapi die x kesah lngsg psal duet . Die ckp cukup sekadar die boleh bagi family die makan n jage mak n adek die , tu da mencukupi bagi die .
From there , i know that he is a very different guy . Mungkin adela di antare korg yg akn ckp , "tepape la minah nie . pecaye sgt owg dlm internet tu."
Tapi x kesah la , cuz i 'noe' he is different from the other guys i met on the chat room .
And lagi satu , die nie pon x celebrate valentines day . Kte sebagai muslim kan x digalakkan tok sambut Valentines day , n i did tell him that i dont celebrate Valentine . Then die bagi aku satu idea yang aku rase , mmg bgus la bagi sesiape yg x celebrate Valentine (kte la tu)
Kalo 14th february org kat sluruh dunie nie sambut valentine , bagi kte yg x celebrate nie , why dont kte buat 14th february nie as A Random Smile Day . 14th february nanti korg smile ajer sepanjang ari . Forget bout all ur probs and just smile to the world(and the world will smile back at u!) . Smile , SMILE , SMILE .
Bukannye dose pown , dapat pahala lagi adela . Senyum kat sedekah . ;p
TETAPI , senyum tu , berpade2 lah ckit . Jangan la dok menggatai senyum kat mamat2 encem jer .
K,k . thats all from me now . Bye n Salam .

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh No !!!!!

This is sooo not good !!!!! application untuk UPU fasa2 starts 2morrow , and d**** it i forgot my password !!!! How , oh how ???? I remembered a password , and i hope it is the ryte one !! Pray wid me , people !!!! Amin .


Assalamualaikum and Hello...
hmmm...haha...x sangke aku ader blog sendiri...dulu punyelah malas nak buat blog,skang,ntah tetibe lak bleh rajin nak wat blog.well,thx to ma fren,Syaz aka Syazberry yg beria2 soh aku bace blog dier,aku pon tergerak la jugak nak try buat blog sendiri . ( syaz , ma fren , thx ! ;p)
So anyway.....ari ni xde mende yg best2 or happening yg berlaku . but , liverpool vs chealse smlm , liverpool menang !!! yezzaaaaa !! Last minit nye golll...TORRES !!!! bangge nyeee . due plak tu !!! my future husband ~ wahahaha ( i luvvv u TORRES !!!)
Arini jugak aku da stat bace bku Twilight , New Moon . Soo excited . Thx to Farhan aka Paan aka Uncle an , huhu , cuz bagi bku tu kat kte . Thx ya!! Sesiape yg belom bace or tgk movie tu , pegi la bace/tgk . Storyline amatla bgus , mantap skali . and korang taw x mane Stephanie Meyer dpt inspiration nak buat cter Twilight nie? Haaa...die dpt dari mimpi dier . Bapak best dpt mimpi mcm tu . Bangun2 jer trus g tulis bku . Tgk2 , buku tu da jadik film da pown . So , after this , kalo dapat mimpi yang gempak2 ker , jgn la buang mase , terus on comp and start writing ! ;p
k .... out for nowww !!!!!!! Chow !!